2 Timothy 3:16  “All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness.”
God’s Word is inspired and is the basis for my speaking topics.  Along with Scripture, I like to share my life through personal stories and include as much practical application as possible.  My desire is that women come away motivated, with new ideas they can incorporate into everyday life. 

Here are some topics I've developed, but I can also work with you to develop a message to fit your ministry or event theme.

One session topics great for MOPS meetings and other women's events:

Choosing Gratitude
Gratitude is good for you. Research proves it, but God said it first (and He knows what He's talking about.) We'll look at the proven benefits of being grateful, and then exercise our gratitude "muscles" and practice being grateful. This talk includes lots of practical ideas. (Based on a book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Get Real -- Get Girlfriends
Women of today describe their #1 need as friendship.  Some are even willing to admit to loneliness.  Elaine shares stories of her own need for friends while introducing you to 4 fictitious women representing various stages of friendship.  Lots of practical tips are suggested, and  women will come away challenged to make friendships a priority in their lives. 

The Maze of Marriage
Elaine shares her story of God rescuing a marriage headed straight for the divorce court.  The journey was long and required hard work, but God was faithful throughout and taught her important lessons on guarding a marriage.  Hear practical tips that can help a marriage in trouble or make a good marriage even better.  This topic is great for a MOPS group.

3 Things I Did Right and 3 Things I Did Wrong with My Kids 
From the perspective of the empty nest Elaine will discuss successes and struggles in parenting. It's easy to become so focused on everyday tasks that we overlook the long-term goals and desires we have for our kids. Decide now what fruit you'd like to see produced later in your children. This talk is based on a book by Sarah O. Maddox. 

Personally YOU!Why do some people feel like kindred spirits and others seem to rub us the wrong way? How can one couple produce children who are so completely different? The answer might be -- personalities. We'll explore the basic personality types to better understand ourselves and those around us. This topic is sure to produce lots of laughter along with new insight.

Quiet Time for Busy Moms
Mothering is an incredible joy and privilege. However, the daily demands of motherhood can seem endless. Moms of young children desperately need time for themselves and time to reflect upon God. Elaine shares with humor and practicality to encourage women to slow down and do what's needed to stay healthy emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Multi-session topics great for women's retreats:

No more hiding, let's get real with our God. This is a different kind of retreat -- less "speaker" focused and more about YOU and God. We'll "unveil" our God, our enemy and ourselves through studying the incredible life of Moses. At each of the 4 session, Elaine will speak a challenging short message. Then each woman will spend time alone with God before coming back to share with a small group of women. The goal is to have a supply of tools to take back home to help live an unveiled life before God. 

Our Unchangeable God
It seems our world and our lives are constantly changing. However, we can rely upon God because He never changes. From the pages of scripture we will see our Unchangeable God come to the rescue of King Jehoshaphat who was facing a vast army at his doorstep. The same Unchangeable God can help us face whatever the world throws at us. His methods may differ, but His character stays the same. From God's Unchanging Word we'll learn practical tools for facing life's challenges today. (multi-session retreat)

Both Feet In!
God wants us to completely commit to Him without holding anything back.  We'll study the lives of a sinful woman and an impulsive disciple, and discover the obstacles that hold us back and the challenges that threaten our progress.  Elaine includes her own story of withholding her heart from God before finally giving Him her all.  We'll all be inspired to take the plunge with BOTH FEET IN!  (multi-session retreat) 

A Time for Courage
Women of today face enormous challenges, and life can at times seem overwhelming.  Elaine shares how God can help us overcome our fears and give us the courage we need to face the guilt and shame of our past, the giant in our present, and our uncertain, sometimes frightening future.  Come away with tools to apply the truths of scripture so each day can become ...
“A Time for Courage!”  (3 or 4 session retreat)

It's a Jungle Out There!
Fun topic for a 3 or 4 session retreat. Sessions include:
  • From Garden to Jungle (How we got in this mess)
  • It's a Jungle Out There (The World)      
  • It's a Jungle In Here (The Mind)   
  • Life in the Jungle (practical application)                                                 
Women will come away better prepared to face the world and any lies they've been believing.