Monday, May 2, 2016

Finding Your PLACE

We've just begun a new PLACE Experience for young couples in our church.  I love PLACE, and I'm falling in love with these young couples. They are just starting out in that great adventure called "marriage" and are eager to learn more about themselves and each other.

PLACE is a tool to help you discover the unique way God has wired you. PLACE looks at:

  • P - Personality Discovery
  • L - Learning Spiritual Gifts
  • A - Abilities Awareness
  • C - Connecting Passion with Ministry
  • E - Experiences of Life

You can discover more at PLACE Ministries.

I discovered how God uniquely created me the hard way -- through years of trial and error. I'm so glad these young couples have this amazing tool. Sorry if I sound like I'm promoting a product. PLACE is a great resource I highly recommend, but there are other tools out there too. The main point is to discover more about how God created you. Discovering God's design in you will help in life, work, relationships and ministry.

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