Monday, June 22, 2015


Life can be hard.
Just this week I've talked with people experiencing these challenges:
  • unfaithful spouse
  • prodigal child
  • conflict with spouse
  • confronting a friend
  • trouble at work
  • separation from family
  • fear of the future
  • difficulty with parents
  • unhappiness with job
  • alcohol abuse
What do all of these issues have in common?   SIN
We are either impacted by someone else's SIN, or we are the one's who SIN.
Either way, life can be hard.

Today I'm mad at SIN. I've seen it mess up too many lives, including my own. I've toyed with SIN. I've tried to master SIN. I've tried to hide SIN. I've tried to justify SIN. None of that worked out too well.

I think Joseph had the right approach. When he was confronted with SIN in the form of Potiphars' wife, Joseph ran away. (You can read Joseph's story in Genesis 39). Joseph didn't mess around with SIN, he ran from it. I want to be more like Joseph and less like me.

What about you? Need to lace up your running shoes?

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