Monday, March 2, 2015

Why would you want to live so close to the LINE?

I sometimes struggle with SIN. There I said it.
    Let me revise that statement.
I struggle with SIN.
    Let me revise it again.

I'm taking a class on Spiritual Formation. It's a class that requires a lot of introspection. I've been taking inventory of my life and looking at areas of temptation. Those areas aren't hard to spot. I know them well. I don't always like thinking about them, much less doing something about them. I'm a good avoider. But this class wouldn't let me avoid or pretend. I had to face some of my weaknesses and the areas where I'm most tempted to SIN.

And here is what I found myself thinking.

Being tempted is not SIN. Having a thought pop into my mind is not SIN.
But there is a LINE. I'm not always sure where it is, but I know there's a LINE that exists where a temptation or a thought becomes SIN. I know there's a LINE because I've crossed it many times.

So, now I wondered:
     Where is that LINE between temptation and SIN?
     Where is the LINE that divides OK from WRONG?

Do you know why I wanted to know?
     So I could dance right up to the LINE and feel ok about myself.

And then I had another thought. But I don't think it was MY thought. I think it was GOD'S thought. It sounded like something He would say.

     "Why would you want to live so close to the LINE?"

And I had no good answer...................... Do you?

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