Monday, September 30, 2013

Sacred Secrets

I'm in the middle of Beth Moore's new study called "Sacred Secrets" and I'm loving it. The key concept is that secrets manifest. Secrets Manifest. SECRETS MANIFEST.

I looked up the word "manifest" and it means "able to be seen, clearly shown or visible." But I was struck by its origin -- it comes from a Latin word meaning "caught in the act." Isn't that ironic? The one thing we dread most is being caught in the act, but we end up being caught by our secrets. 

Oh, how I used to think I could keep secrets hidden. And I did a pretty good job for awhile. I thought my past couldn't hurt me if it was hidden. But I was wrong. My secrets manifest themselves in lots of ways: in my thoughts, my guilt, my shame... What I had been so careful to hide, didn't stay hidden. 

Now that I think about it, I know it was a good thing that my secrets didn't stay secret. God helped me manifest my secrets in a healthy and appropriate way, and I found relief and freedom.

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