Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mount Tabor

Day 1 in Israel. We start out at the top -- the top of Mount Tabor -- the traditional site of the transfiguration of Jesus (Matt 17:1-13). We know this is the site because of Queen Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine. Both were Christians, so when Helena wanted to visit the Holy Land, Constantine supplied her with a legion of Roman soldiers. On her visit, Helena located significant sites from the life of Jesus and left Roman soldiers there to build a church. Because of her efforts, we know where many of the Biblical accounts took place. Helena built over 80 churches in the Holy Land. The church in the picture is built over the foundation of one of Helena's churches.

Mount Tabor is the site where Jesus peeled back His humanity so Peter, James and John caught a glimpse of His glory. His glory was seen as brilliant,white light.

I come away knowing I haven't a clue of the wonder, and the brilliance of God's glory. But, one day . . . I will know . . . when I see Him face to face.

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