Monday, November 5, 2012

Who's Calling ........ Again?

I found it humorous on Saturday when we studied the topic of Election in my theology class. It reminded me of the presidential election and the countless phone calls we've received over the last few months since Virginia is considered a swing state.

Do you know that Clint Eastwood called us? Yes, it was Clint -- how could you not recognize that voice. A friend asked me what he said, and I had to admit ..................... I hung up on Clint Eastwood! Yikes! My friend told me that I could be in BIG trouble. I could be toast! I can almost hear Clint saying, "Go Ahead, Make My Day!"

Do you know who else called us -- Pat Boone. I don't know what he called to say either because I deleted his message without listening. Can you tell we're tired of political phone calls? My husband said he'll listen when we get a call from DANIEL BOONE! Now that would be interesting. I could ask him about the "coon skin cap on the top of old Dan." How is it that I can remember lyrics to old television shows, but can't remember the point of my story in the middle of it? Oh well. I feel better now for telling you all this. Thanks for letting me ramble on a bit about ....... Oh, I've got to go. The phone is ringing...................

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  1. Is it weird to comment on your own blog post? But, you won't believe it --- Pat Boone just called again. Is that strange or what?