Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Do you have a haven? Someplace safe and warm and comfortable you can go when you're in need of peace? Somewhere that makes you feel better just by being there?

I have a friend who created a haven out of a screened-in deck. That's where she goes to read God's Word and pray and think and feel better. She even wrote the word "haven" in big letters on the wall.

My home feels like a haven. It hasn't always. There have been tense times, troubled times -- times when I wanted to escape home to avoid the problems. But, not now. I'm experiencing a season of peace, and I'm thankful. I have several places in my home that are special to me -- my kitchen island where I have quiet time  with God. I have a big comfy chair in my study where I can curl up and read (and try to stay awake!)

But, today I'm at another haven. I'm at my church working on a paper for a class I'm taking. It's safe and warm and comfortable here. There's a big area called "Connections" with lots of tables and chairs. There's a bookstore, and I LOVE books. It makes me feel good to be here. Church people come by and chat as they're on their way somewhere. I like it here.

Maybe this church HAVEN is just a little glimpse of HEAVEN ...... could it be?

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