Friday, November 16, 2012


I met with a group of girlfriends on Wednesday. We all share a love of quilting. We meet once a week to hand quilt, talk, laugh, and generally do life together. I'm the least consistent member of the group -- I miss more weeks than I attend. I don't quilt as much as I would like -- you know, other commitments.........

But, I went this week because I missed my friends. I didn't even have a quilt project to take with me. I came with the start of a headache, but I came. I needed these women. And I'm so glad I was there.

We talked and talked and talked. I caught up on their families and struggles and joys. I marveled in their creativity and celebrated their successes. Did I mention we talked? At one point there were about 4 different conversations going on among the 8 of us. It was wonderful.

We need girlfriends. I need girlfriends. I need to connect and love and be loved by other women who aren't in competition with me. They just care.

I hope I can make it next week too. I'm a better person because of my girlfriends.

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