Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dad and Veteran's Day

Harry Norman Beck 1924 - 2000

This weekend we celebrated my mom's 90th birthday and scanned in lots of old family pictures. Here's one of my dad on an aircraft carrier in WW11. Seeing this picture made me think of 2 things.

First, I'm grateful for the men and women who defend our country. My dad was one of them; I am privileged to know many more. Because of their sacrifice, we live in freedom today.

Secondly, my dad was YOUNG. Wow, somehow it's hard to imagine your parents quite so young and full of life. But, they were people before they became parents. I needed to be reminded of that. It's easy to see imperfections and faults in those we are close to, but in this picture I see the world ahead of my dad, the wind in his face, and the future before him. He defended his country and defended me when I needed a dad. Glad he was there for me. Thanks Dad.

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