Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beanie Weenies 2

I know, I know -- the title of this blog post is -- unusual. Last year I had one of those moments when you feel like God is trying to tell you something. My moment involved a can of Beanie Weenies and a magazine article. If you'd like to read more about that, look at my blog archive for January 2011.

Anyway, today I had another Beanie Weenie moment I want to tell you about. I've been struggling a bit lately. I've been finding it hard to sit still and spend time with God. You know, praying and reading the Bible. This morning I sat in my usual spot and then the Beanie Weenie stuff started to happen.

  • God painted the morning sky a bright pink outside my kitchen window. (I love when He does that.)
  • I couldn't decide where to read in my Bible. I finally began at Romans 11:33. (My husband and I have been attending a Precept Bible study on the book of Romans and that's the last place we'd read.)
  • I'd been wanting to memorize some new verses and decided Romans 11:33 - 12:2 would be just the thing. I wrote those verses down on an index card.
  • I jumped on the treadmill for some exercise and selected an inspirational message from my iTunesU library.
  • As I listened to the speaker Dr. Mark Bailey, he began teaching on -----------YES, Romans 11:33-12:2.
  • I almost fell off the treadmill!

I think God wasn't finished sharing His heart with me that morning, so He used Dr. Bailey's message on that same passage to teach me new things about Himself and about me. I don't mean to be irreverant, but that seems to me to be a Beanie Weenie moment.

I just love my God, don't you?

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