Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fun Day

I just experienced one of my best mornings in ministry to women. I had the privilege of speaking to a MOPS group in Woodbridge. MOPS is a great organization for moms of young children. My topic was the Maze of Marriage -- marriage is like a maze in that you don't always know where you're going, there are twists and turns, you run into dead ends --- but there's lots of adventure.

We talked about how much work marriage can be. We laughed together at how alike we can be as women and how different we are from men. It's good to laugh. It's healthy to laugh. It's refreshing to laugh. We need to laugh more.

The morning just got better when I was able to encourage a couple young women whose marriages were struggling. I couldn't offer all the answers, but I could point them in the right direction. I could offer HOPE -- hope that a marriage in crisis could become a marriage in bloom because God is the ultimate healer.

I love to encourage women. It's just how God wired me, and it's fun when we do what He's wired us to do.

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  1. Always a blessing - love and prayers - Susan