Monday, July 19, 2010

Under Construction

We've been dreaming of remodeling our bathrooms for several years now. Today is the official beginning of that dream. I woke up excited. But, now ..................... well, now it's just LOUD. Today is the tearing down day. I hear jackhammers, crumbling tile, and collapsing metal. It's a mess. But, before you build, you must tear down.

Mmmmm. Makes me think the same can be said of us spiritually. Before God builds something new in our lives, He must tear down -- tear down the old habits, the misconceptions, the unforgiveness. He might even need to jackhammer through our hardened hearts. And that can be painful.

But, our master builder has a great plan in mind. When He tears down, it's to build something much better. Yes, it might be messy. But the end results are worth it -- in home construction and in life!

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