Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Young Women

Even though I'm in my 50's, I like hanging out with younger women. I love their energy, excitement, and their honest questions. They want to know how to do life and don't mind admitting that they don't know everything. I find that refreshing. (I don't know everything either, so why pretend I do?)

I've met 2 new young women recently -- I'll just call them M and R since I haven't asked permission to share about them yet. They are both adorable young things and so eager to serve God in the area of women's ministry. Ahhhh, common ground. I love serving God while serving women.

I feel as if I'm watching the beginning of something wonderful -- 2 women launching into ministry. M and R feel God tugging on their hearts, but have yet to discover all He has planned for them. Excitement awaits.

What will their ministries look like?
Who will serve with them?
Who will mentor them along the way?

I hope I can have some bit of impact on them. I want to help. But, I also know they have much to learn directly from the hand of God -- and He is a masterful teacher.

I want to say to M and R and all the other young women serving God who might be reading this --
  • I'm proud of you and
  • follow your dream and
  • stay the course and
  • run the race and
  • have fun along the way and
  • be true to your God and
  • always love Him more than you love what you do for Him!

There are lots of us "older" women cheering you on, watching you and loving you. Thanks for catching hold of the dream that we share.

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