Monday, March 29, 2010


Had a visit from a dear friend last week -- the kind of friend you haven't seen in awhile -- but you catch right up with the first hug. Linda has been my friend for at least 15 years now. We share common passions - quilting and the Bible (not necessarily in that order.) And we just love each other. I'd even go so far as to say we delight in each other.

Linda is a friend who points out my better qualities and graciously forgives me when I'm less than my best. She expresses her love and pride in me often. We laugh together and cry together as we remember past experiences and places and faces.

Friends like Linda are a rare treasure. May you be blessed by that kind of friendship. Better yet, may we all be blessed to BE that kind of friend.

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  1. Elaine...
    You know, I have thought of you many times since I was in VA.
    I love your spunk. And your passion.
    You encouraged me just as much during the time we spent together. You are a woman of depth that can be "sensed" and I so admire that! Your friendship with Cindy made me smile and reminded me of the friends I am blessed to travel with. Love you!