Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Family Christmas?

Well, it's been a month since I last blogged. Life just caught up with me -- winding down a semester-long Bible study, speaking at a Christmas brunch, researching for a retreat message to be presented in January, preparing for our sons coming home for Christmas. Life became busy and sweet at the same time. I'm thankful for seasons like that. Not every Christmas has been quite so tranquil.

You might be asking how it could be busy and tranquil at the same time. Inner peace and no major Life Tremors explains it best. I didn't send Christmas cards, didn't decorate the house as much as I used to, didn't bake countless cookies. But, I did enjoy sharing family moments.

Now before you picture a Norman Rockwell family (I hope you're old enough to know who Norman Rockwell is), let me set you straight. Most of our sweet family moments revolved around ice hockey practice and games. Our family has a history and a shared passion of ice hockey. It started long ago when our oldest son took up the sport; it continues today. We have memories of cold ice rinks, early morning practices, and long road trips in the middle of winter. We remember amateur games as well as our beloved Washington Capitals professional games. If it involves a puck, we probably love it.

Funny how shared history can bond you together despite the years and miles. Hmmm. Not a traditional family Christmas, but a really good one. We even ate at a vegan restaurant Christmas eve. Why? Because we love our son who's found a different diet and we adapt, because that's what families do.

Hope your Christmas was filled with family memories.

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