Friday, November 13, 2009

On the Sea of Galilee

I almost can't believe we sailed on the Sea of Galilee -- the same sea where Jesus walked on water. We took the more traditional method of transportation -- a boat!

The Sea of Galilee is really a lake. Our tour guide said something like this: "Israel is such a small country, you might call this a lake, but we call it a sea." The sea is about 15 miles long and 8 miles wide. Not very big at all. You can easily see to the other side. The water was silky smooth the day we sailed. No waves, no wind. But we read about a different night on the sea -- a rough one. Lon Solomon read the account of Peter walking on water from Matthew 14. Lon reminded us that when our circumstances get tough, our focus must be on Christ.

I love that Lon chose Matt 14 for his teaching lesson. You see, I would speak at a women's retreat for Shelter Rock Church on Long Island when I returned from Israel. The retreat theme was BOTH FEET IN, and I would teach from the life of Peter and this exact story. God allowed me the privilege of sailing where Jesus once walked and then teaching the truths of that ancient account.

Do you ever have days that are almost too good to be true?
This day was one. But it was about to get even better!

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