Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Little LifeTremors in Marriage

I've been experiencing some little LifeTremors recently -- just when I thought life had settled down. You know that marriage is hard work -- harder than anyone expects before marriage. My husband and I have had our share of major LifeTremors, but this summer has been sweet. We've enjoyed each other, as we shared a common outdoor obsession (I mean hobby) called GOLF! I took up the sport because he loved it, and I loved him. So now I'm a golf nut.

But just last week I felt a little tension creeping into our relationship. Nothing major. Just annoyance. The man I loved AND liked all summer, became the man I was not liking quite as much. How did that happen? When did that happen?

Little by little! That's how most marriages start to suffer -- little by little -- step by step. I'm glad I noticed. I'm taking action! You see, I'm pretty protective over my marriage. I think we all should be that way. My marriage is too valuable and I've worked too hard on it over the years to let it slip into decline.

I'm taking a class on understanding men called "For Women Only." This week's challenge is to say nothing negative to or about your husband. Ummmm! I've been doing ok on cutting out the negative talk, but lately I've been thinking some negative thoughts. And I know it's not a long trip between my mind and my tongue.

I'd best be focusing on what's TRUE, NOBLE, RIGHT, PURE, LOVELY, ADMIRABLE, EXCELLENT, AND PRAISEWORTHY about my husband. (If you didn't notice, I borrowed those words from Philippians 4:8)

Have I mentioned some of my husband's good qualities? He's generous, kind, constant, a great golfer, and he's trustworthy.

Mmmmmm. I'm feeling better already.


  1. I just love how honest you are!;)
    It's funny but I feel like when I begin to praise my husband's good qualities to others (and hopefully to HIM!), I start focusing on the good and don't get quite as hung up on the bad.

    I love how you said that you're "protective" over your marriage. A good reminder for me to stop and think about what effort I'm putting into building my marriage this week.:)

  2. Thanks for the gentle reminder - so desire to speak the truth - instead of reacting in haste - and weekends can hold extra challenges - so I choose to 'think on these things ...' and emeber those good qualities about my husband.