Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Me and God

My mom just left to fly back to Texas after visiting for a week. We did some shopping, cooking, talking -- a simple visit. My dad passed away several years ago. My 2 brothers and I live on the east coast, so she gets lonely for family sometimes. We were so happy she came to visit.

However, I was struck by her aloneness. For years she took care of a husband and 3 children. Then gradually her children married and moved away. Her husband, my dad, suffered from Alzheimer's, and she cared for him. But now he is gone, and she is alone. It struck me that it's just her and God.

But, isn't that true for all of us? It's really just you and God. Even though you might be surrounded by a houseful of children, a loving husband and lots of friends, when you get down to the core -- it's just you and God.

That fact saddened me for awhile, until I really thought about it. It's just me and God. When everyone else is gone, it's just me and God. Always has been. Always will be. God will never leave me. He will never forsake me. He will always be there. And what better companion could I ever find? He knows me completely. What stronger defender could I have? He is all-powerful and all-knowing and all-seeing. What greater love? None! He loves me unconditionally.

Just me and God!

I am privileged. I am blessed. I am filled with joy. Thank you God for sticking with me. You are more than enough. You are God.

Just me and God!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Elaine! I've been dealing with a lot of random fear this week of being alone-especially since I don't have a lot of family.
    It also was a reminder that as wonderful as it is to pour my energy into my marriage, I also need to pour myself into my relationship with Jesus. Right now its easy for me to forget that marriage is for this lifetime, but my relationship with Christ is for eternity.