Thursday, June 4, 2009

Praying Friends

Today I'd like to testify to the gift of praying friends. They are essential whether or not my life is quaking. When I stepped out into a speaking ministry, a wise friend suggested I form a prayer team. I thought that was a great idea. But, then I began to have some other thoughts. Who would pray for me? Isn't that asking a lot? Isn't it selfish to ask for prayer for myself? After all, everyone needs prayer.

However, the thought of speaking without prayer support scared me so much that I reached out and asked a couple friends to pray for me. They've been meeting together monthly for one year now to pray for me and the ministry God has given. They are committed, they take this responsibility seriously and consider it a privilege. I am humbled.

Next I began to ask others to pray for specific events, and an email prayer team was formed. Now a number of women receive prayer requests before and during each speaking opportunity I have. Afterwards, they receive a praise report that shares how God touched lives and hearts. I am blessed.

I've come to believe that my praying friends are the most vital human part of this speaking ministry -- even more necessary than me. After all, God spoke out of a burning bush, through the lips of a stutterer, and from the mouth of a donkey. God can use any means to speak a message. So I ask you -- who is more vital, the speaker or the pray-er? The speaker needs God's power, and God's power is unleashed through prayer. That's God's plan -- that's His way.

So, I am thankful for praying friends.

Friends who:
  • lift me up when I am down
  • ask for courage when I have none
  • ask for peace and calm when my stomach is in knots
  • cry out for wisdom when I don't know what to say
  • plead for love for a roomful of strangers
  • pray for women they might never meet

All because they are my friends
All because they love God
All because they are obedient
All because they know the power unleashed by prayer

My friends, I thank you.

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