Monday, June 29, 2009

Do you need MORE?

I listened to Beth Moore teach today. Her topic was The Jars of Life: What's In Yours? Visit to listen for free. She taught on Jesus' first miracle when he turned water into wine at the wedding at Cana. The story is found in John 2. Mary, the mother of Jesus, said 5 simple words to her son. "They have no more wine." She had complete faith that Jesus could handle the situation. She didn't have to tell him HOW!

Imagine that. Telling Jesus our problem and that's it. No suggested solutions. Can I do that? Can I stop at just telling Jesus my problem.

Jesus, I have no more ______________.

That's how I prayed this morning. I just told Jesus what I was out of. And then I stopped. I didn't tell him how to solve my need. So now I wait to see how he chooses to answer.

What are YOU out of? You fill in the blank.

Jesus, I have no more _______________

Here are some of the things you might have written:
hunger for the Word

Or you just might have written, "Jesus, I have no more to give."

Whatever you wrote, the story of John 2 tells us that Jesus can fill us -- and fill us to overflowing. That was his first miracle, and he continues to perform it.

Tell him what you need today. And let Jesus determine how to supply exactly what you need.


  1. Wow, thanks for this! That really hit a chord with me as I've been so discouraged at the edge of my red sea. How awesome and so childlike-faith-esque to just be like Jesus, I'm out of x, y, z - would you come make it better? It was so refreshing to just sit and pray that way just now, to look at the things I'm waiting on as an offering, empty cups waiting to be filled. :)

  2. Love how you phrased that --- "childlike-faith-esque." Why don't I come to Him like that more often??