Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm not writing spiritual thoughts today. This post is about something so simple and so practical -- distractions. Most often we find them annoying, but sometimes we need them. Distractions.

During a LifeTremor my mind can be fixed on my problem, while my brain is on overload trying to solve it. I can't shut off those consuming thoughts, so I feel trapped in my LifeQuake. Some days I just need a distraction -- something to grab my attention and take my focus off the LifeTremor.

Today I've planned a distraction. There's a quilt show in town, and I love quilting. My grandmother quilted, but my mom did not. So, somehow I feel connected to my grandmother when I quilt, and the past merges with the present.

I love to look at the beautiful colors of the fabric and the variety of designs. Some quilts are old with a unique history and some are newly created with a story yet to be written. I love to think about the quilter and her inspiration. I get lost in the quilts and think of nothing else.

Now I know I can't avoid reality and escape my LifeTremor forever. But, for a time . . . for a few hours . . . my LifeQuake ceases to exist in my thoughts and I am momentarily free. Not a permanent fix, but a simply reprieve.

Thank you Lord for allowing me this sweet distraction!

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