Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why LifeTremors?

Why this blog? Because a major LifeTremor just happened in our family. We continue our difficult journey; the details aren't mine to share. However, when one family member hurts, the others usually hurt too. I sit here in the midst of a storm, with a heart in pain, and an uncertain future. Yesterday I wanted to stay in bed under the covers. I didn't want to answer the phone because I'd have to talk. I wanted to sink into despair and feel sorry and sad. And that's just when God showed up -- meeting me at my low point -- interrupting my life with His Presence. Perhaps I should call that a GodTremor!

Bible teacher Beth Moore and I went for a long walk together. Well, Beth wasn't exactly with me, but her voice was -- through my IPOD. God used her voice and the mechanics of an IPOD to send me a Word I desparately needed to hear. And I want to share it with YOU.

Beth taught from the Bible passage in Acts 16:16-34 when Paul and Silas were in prison. In the midst of their struggle, they did something incredible -- they sang and praised God! Having been severely beaten and put in prison, they praised.

I knew this lesson -- to praise God in the midst of trouble. I had even taught that to women at a weekend retreat. But LifeTremors seem to sneak up on us, don't they? We're in them before we realize it. And then it's hard to remember to praise God. In fact, it's the opposite of what we want to do. I didn't even want to open my mouth to speak with anyone, much less open my mouth to praise my God.

But, that's exactly what Paul and Silas did, it's what Beth Moore suggested we do, and it's finally what I did -- I opened my mouth and praised my GOD! And do you know what happened? My circumstances did not change, the trial did not disappear, life did not suddenly get easy. But I changed. My spirit lifted, my attitude changed and hope returned. My focus shifted off my LifeTremor and onto my God, who is mightier than anything life can bring.

Perhaps you're experiencing a LifeTremor yourself. Here's a link to Beth's message (called LifeQuakes) so you can hear it yourself. I'll share more of what God's teaching me soon . . .

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