Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today I had the sweet pleasure of a long walk with a dear friend. Margena was in town for a few days. We spent about 6 years praying together for our children in a Moms In Touch (MIT) group. Then she moved away, but we keep in touch and try to visit each other when we can. So, today was pure joy.

Margena is the kind of friend who is there in a LifeTremor. She's someone I email or call right away for prayer support. I know she will pray; her heart will hurt when mine hurts. She's that kind of friend. Today I told her about my latest LifeTremor, and she listened and felt my pain. Then she shared her LifeTremors, and I listened and felt her pain. I know we will pray for one another. I also know it was a gift of God that she was in town right now. I needed her. I needed that long walk with someone who would understand, offer encouragement, and pray.

Don't we all need friends like that? My friendship with Margena was founded on prayer. What a way to bond! We spent years meeting together and praying for one another. Nothing solidifies a friendship like prayer. Throw in some LifeTremors, mix in some tears and laughter. Now you have a friendship that lasts through time and distance.

I'm thankful for my friends!

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